Its Me Garcia Thomas:)

Freelancer,Animator, Game Developer
Brand & Web Media Interactive web app
Game engine (UE4/Unity)developer

Fly with new brand power & Proper consultation
high quality graphics , Text Advertisements,interactive movies,
3D web, SMM,SEO,SEM, products/services,

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Package B : Freelance Work based on schedule

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Practice Sectors

i am happy to handle the following Sectors

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Film Composition
  • Film Editing
  • Film VFX
  • Green & Blue screen compositing
  • Brand title graphics
  • Web designing & Development
  • 3d Web Experience
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Hybrid 3D Android Apps
  • Mass mail, Newsletter, Shopping experience
  • Custom 3d applications (ArchViz)
  • Real time rendering (Game engine )
  • VR experience from Revit
  • AR Experience from Revit/BIM softwares
  • VR/AR/XR For AEC industry
  • Custom Function creation And API creation
  • Stem VR Experience for clients
  • Interactive Presentation & Applications for companys
  • SEO,SEM,SMM & Pre-sales Support
  • Info-graphics and custom Mass mail tracking

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Technologies i Use

Unreal Engine
U++ / UBP
Visual studio Code
Dream Viewer
Adobe XD
Steam VR, HTC Vive
3D max
Speed Tree
Substance Designer
Tween Motion
Animate CC
Premier Pro
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Garcia Thomas


Finished Projects (Time line)

From My Experience

2009Malayalam 2D&3D movies, 1:Karikilaswami (2D) 2:Aalipazham(3D), VFX (Malayalam Film Ordinary )
2010VFX & Composition - Kunjumalakha (Malayalam Series for WW TV) , VEER BHADRAN 2D VFX,
2011 HEPTA Garcia Project ANDROID (User base 5000), CODA TECH 3D WEB EXPERIENCE , SALMIYA Group of company Mobile APPS 2012 Film Graphics
2012Kaatile Kannan Remake, Asianet TV, Tie UP with Hibiscus Vision & Carrot Creation
2013 3D shopping Site For CATRIX, 3D Info graphics for BIT Coins. Partner with Scalion Fertuna & Ring Gold Animation Studios
2014Moving to Programming (finishing 300+ website)
2014Finished 300+ website Design and development
2015Exploring Digital Marketing and next gen Platform Using Animation,Graphics, Coding & application for AUNDRY,ZETA Software LLC., CATRIX, WW TV, STARTUP VILLAGE
2016Moving to complete Game & application development For Architectural industry & Medial Industry (Confidential Clients)
2017Exploring way of architecture and building design, VR/AR/XR (Confidential Clients) total clients 9+
2018-19Working as a consultant(Garcia thomas.in)
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Technologies Expertises

The passion made me like this;
Moving & Click-able Graphics is my world

AR & VR + Game Engines are my crazy stuffs

Its very hard to update new technology's each and every time, but its like body building, different muscles and different workouts ;)

Latest technologies i use

Mass mail, mail tracking , lead tracking, robot txt creation, SEO development and extra (60%)

C++, C#,PHP,Bootstrap,HTML,CSS, Javascript, SQL, MYSQL, Blueprint, Ajax- (78%)

Adobe cloud Softwares, Autodesk Max & maya, Unreal engine, Unity And Animation software, sound editing, Video editing software - (85%)

Web Design- Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Pay Per Click(PPC), Digital Marketing, Pre-sales Support (50%)

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